Is alkaline water safe for consumption?

Consuming alkaline water is the latest trend that is creating a buzz among health enthusiasts. This practice even has celebrity endorsers such as Oscar nominated actors Rosamund Pike and Mark Wahlberg and Grammy Award winning hip-hop artist and producer, Diddy! However, since the health authorities are yet to provide its stamp of approval on alkaline water, there are several among us that still approach this with a bit of trepidation. So is alkaline water safe? The short answer is yes; alkaline water is not only safe but is generally beneficial for humans.


This is because alkaline water is rich in hydroxyl ions, which is a known anti-oxidant. Alkaline water also reduces that acid build-up in our bloodstream, thus providing our metabolism with a healthy boost. Also the ionization process breaks down the molecular structure of water, which helps us hydrate faster and also gives alkaline water itself and the beverages prepared with it a smoother taste. We do need to take a closer look at the more vulnerable sections of the human population to ascertain whether alkaline water is safe for universal consumption of not.


The elderly: The elderly have a lot of acid accumulation in their system not to mention a significant amount of heavy metals as a side-effect of various medications. Consuming alkaline water would help them in cleansing their internal plumbing; however it needs to be made sure that it is consumed in moderation (somewhere between 8 – 16 oz. per day with a pH level not exceeding 8). If this recommended dosage is exceeded, then the elderly may face some symptoms that are usually associated with detoxification, such as nausea, diarrhea and general irritability.

Pregnant women: Besides the obvious new life that is growing inside the mother’s womb, pregnancy causes a lot of other changes in a woman’s body. Pregnant mothers’ hormonal system is usually in overdrive which can create digestive imbalances, which is manifested in terms of acid-reflux and flatulence. Alkaline water helps ease these symptoms by neutralizing the excess acids that are created inside the mothers’ stomach. For best results, expecting mothers should take half of their daily water intake in the form of alkaline water with a pH level between 8 and 9.

Children: Children younger than three should avoid drinking alkaline water. This is because in such young children, there isn’t enough acid build-up in the bloodstream for alkaline water to be effective, or even necessary. On the other hand, consuming alkaline water by infants may actually create a reverse pH imbalance, something that is not recommended either. Children older than three can start consuming alkaline water; however the dosage should be carefully monitored.

Children between three and fourteen years of age should consume about 8 oz. of alkaline water per day with a pH level not exceeding 8. Children older than 14 should replace half their daily intake from regular to alkaline water with a pH level set at 9; however this increased intake should be implemented gradually. Alkaline water will help them maintain a healthy digestive system with increased metabolism. Student-athletes will also be more energetic, which is translated into better academic performance in the classroom and improved athletic performance on the field.

Our research shows that consuming alkaline water is not only safe, but is highly recommended! However, some minor caveats need to be kept in mind before it is administered to the more vulnerable members of our society.